About Us




Who are we?

Mark and Paul Sims.  Just two ordinary men with a life-long passion for God and music.  Two brothers by birth and  also brothers in Jesus Christ.  We believe music can help bring God’s chosen people to the Word of God… lead God’s people in worship… help God’s people to glorify the Father, the Son and the Spirit.  We believe that in our existence there is something greater that we should personalize through our lives and our relationship with God.  God is the reality of all existence!  In our living, one way this is expressed is through our music.

“All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, correcting, rebuking and training…”

The word for “God-breathed” is the origin of the word ‘inspiration.’  God is the Creator of all things… the heart of all that is good.  God’s Word and love inspires creation… we pray that includes these compositions we present to you.  We strive to keep true to the Spirit that inspired this music.  We are the instruments through which the compositions resound.  We recognize that we are not the source… the Spirit of God is the source.  We hope that the music and lyrics are reflective of scripture, and in some cases lyrics are derived directly from modern translations of scripture.


We intended that this music maintain an “unpolished” sound.  It is hopefully artistic enough that it honors our God and also demonstrates how God takes the humble and ordinary and makes it about God rather than men and women.

7foldSpiritWe adopted the name 7foldSpirit because we pray that it is representative of the symbolic seven fold spirit of God.

We two brothers are not 7foldSpirit — we pray that in some spiritual way, the Spirit of God found expression through us in simple, musical productions so that we can be an audible “light” or “torch” on a stand so that others may see.  We found the phrase “seven fold spirit of God” best identified in Revelation.  It is represented before the living God by John in his vision recorded in scripture.  Now, we offer these songs to you as offerings to God as we are inspired by the manifestations of God’s seven fold spirit upon us over a life-time of work, prayer, and inspiration.  We pray that it is a blessing to you, that you also find it entertaining, and most importantly it speaks of God’s Word, power, and love.